Memorable Branding

11 July 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Memorable Branding

You don’t just want to leave your prospects with an impression of your brand, you want to tattoo it on their minds There’s one thing we can learn from the brands who understand their audience like Apple, and Old Spice, and that’s interesting, fun, and a little bit of weirdness make the perfect recipe for a memorable brand.

3 steps in creating the brand they’ll never forget!

Have a BG story
Share the unique background story of your company. Talk about ideation process of your company. Bring your prospects right into that moment of eureka, and let them relive the experience through your eyes.

Define Your Brand Culture
What is your brand for and against? Define how your prospects will know when they’re clearly on your side, and when they’re not. Your product or service might not be the most economic alternative to your prospects needs, but if they can connect with you through your brand culture, you’ll be first in mind when it comes time to making purchases.

Be a Leader
Don’t wait for trends to come, build them. Don’t cross your fingers and hope things go your way, plan them. When you’re a major contributor to your industry people can’t help but remember your name, as it begins to pop up everywhere the conversations are relevant.

Truth: Creating a memorable brand takes time, authenticity, and the courage to be different. Only a few companies will ever reach memorable status, but if you follow the 3 steps above, you’ll be well on your way.

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