Packages / Pricing

How Much For A logo You’ll Love? You Choose!

Whatever package you choose, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

With any package, if we you don’t like any of the logo’s we present for your consideration then we will produce another logo from a revised brief after further communication with you. This logo can then be revised until you are entirely happy and love your logo.
This ensures that we will create a logo that you are entirely happy with.

The only difference between the packages is how much choice you have in terms of how many logos you get to choose from. More choice is always better for you, so we advise to go for the best package your budget will allow. But whatever your budget, the quality and integrity of our design is always the same.

Please feel free to talk to us about anything before ordering, including which package to choose.

* If you require a current brand refresh please choose from package 2 & above OR for a brand evolution, from package 3 onwards *


Will I/we own the copyright of the design?
You will own the full copyright and intellectual property of the design once the final files are delivered and a full payment has been made.
Do we have to pay through Paypal?
No but we prefer to be paid upfront through Paypal, or if you prefer we can send you an invoice with our bank details on, then once settled a brief can be taken and work can begin. We can allow payment after the work is completed only with our full service package, a deposit is required to commence work however and vector brand files are released upon full settlement.
There are a few decision makers in our company and they will all want to have input to the design, can you deal with them all?
Strictly no. We require one point of contact from any company or organisation. Someone who will liaise and deal with all of your internal feedback. Decisions about what should be revised need to be made before the feedback gets to us, collated and communicated to us by one person. This is industry standard practice for work with a reduced fee (why some logos can cost thousands? it's usually the amount of meetings, extra liaising and admin required for all the decision makers!).
Can we discuss our requirements before I choose a package?
Please feel free to get in touch before ordering if you have any questions or just for a chat about your requirements or to see if you want to work with us, we are a real bricks and mortar company here to help and advise!
I can get a logo on fiver or 99Designs why should I pay this much?
Mainly because they won't take the time to understand what your company, product or project needs fully, and that's all important. Otherwise you're wasting even what little money you spend on a substandard service. Granted via 99Designs you will get fancy graphics, but they are tailored to please you only, not your audience. If you don't think branding is that important then by all means use these people, otherwise if you can't afford us then we advise you to wait until you can. We give 100% to understanding your needs and it goes a long way to fuelling our creativity.